24 August 2007

Reader of Adobe PDF texts on J2ME mobile phones

We have tried free PDF readers for Symbian smartphones recently. But there is a lot of J2ME enabled java phones. There are such devices from Sony Ericsson (models K750, K610, W610, V630, W710, Z610, Z710, K790, K800, W830, W850, W900, W810, S500, T650, Z750), Nokia (Series 40 system), Motorola, LG etc. People may want to read Adobe Acrobat PDF files on these devices. There is J2ME midlet for all these mobiles. It's not really free version, you should pay for this app. But if you really need to read PDF documents on the go you consider this offer. Direct link to download this app here. The homepage of this app here.

22 August 2007

Where to download free e-book reader Mobipocket

Mobipocket is really interesting freeware for S60 Symbian device. But at this day the official site
Mobipocket is down so we need alternative direct download link for this application. You can try to download from this site. It contains mobipocket converter and can install mobile mobipocket reader.

15 August 2007

Free Symbian text and e-book readers for S60 and UIQ

The most requesting Symbian software for S60 and UIQ devices is text and e-book readers. Obviously we want there readers for free. Let's look what we can get here. There are two options here: Mobipocket and QReader.
Mobipocket is an ebook reader. So it has page-by-page formatting option. The other features are bookmarks, highlights, annotations. It supports Open-eBook and XML/HTML/CSS format. Also it shows embedded BMP and GIF images in e-book.
QReader is a text reader. It supports wide range of formats like Plain text (.txt), Palm DOC (.prc and .pdb), TCR, FB2 and UMD files. Moreover it supports screen rotation (90, 180 and 270 degrees). Also great features are autoscrolling and text formating. You can select colors of text and background. There is available wide range of e-books for QReader. You can download some of them from these sources:
Project Gutenberg

Baen Free Library

09 August 2007

Symbian VoIP SIP applications

Symbian VoIP SIP applicationsThere is a lof of free and not really free VoIP clients for Symbian Nokia and Sony Ericsson devices like BaraBlu, AQL, Mobiboo, Skype, RebTel, Jajah, Truphone and possibly others. But we talk now about really free software clients that allows to use SIP gateways on Symbian 9 and Symbian 8 smartphones. You always can use special edition of Nokia smartphones Ineternet Edition - N80 IE and others. These devices have embedded SIP client that can be configured to work with any SIP gateway server. But what to do with other Symbian smarphones? We need to install some free SIP client on the smartphone. One of these applications is Fring. Since version 3.0 it allows you to call not only to Skype contacts, but configure a SIP service and directly use it. Now you can call for free to many countries with SIP services like Gizmo, Free World Dialup or bunch of Betamax services like VoipStunt, VoipDiscount, VoipCheap, NetAppel, Voipbuster, SparVoIP etc.
Update: Read about new Free Skype VoIP client in Nokia phones, it's ready to be released in Nokia N97 phone

07 August 2007

Native Skype VoIP client application on Symbian phones - not until real HSxPA

If you are waiting for Skype client on Symbian you probably should suspend your hopes until arrival HSxPA or other next-generating networks. Skype still not release it's client for Symbian. As we know only phones run Symbian so Skype don't ready to play on this field. In the meantime there are a bunch of third-party solutions that transfer voice over current cell networks to the Skype network. Such well-known solution is Fring free VoIP client software that actually encode voice with AMR codec and transfer it to its server.
But I think Skype is losing to traditional VoIP clients in consumer phones. There is a lot of free SIP VoIP clients for Symbian even embedded into phones like in Nokia Internet Edition devices N80, N73 etc. If Skype will waiting too long it might completely lose this battle to companies like Betamax (VoipDiscount, VoipCheap brands).

More on Abobe PDF Reader applications for Symbian S60 and UIQ

There are two options - free applications and commertial ones. Also there are three main platforms where you want to read PDF documents and e-books: Nokia Symbian S60 2nd Edition, Nokia Symbian S60 3rd Edition and Sony Ericsson UIQ. There is Series 80 platform from Nokia but it has really small coverage among Symbian devices. Lets break applications in categories stated above and give some links.
The first part of links will be about really free Adobe Reader. Free Adobe Reader or Adobe PDF Reader freeware links:
The Adobe Reader application from Adobe site direct links:
It seems that Nokia 6680 and N70 version works on Nokia 6630 and N72 device and some others but not on N90.
The Adobe PDF Reader application from Nokia site direct links:
And there is common Nokia E-Series Adobe PDF Reader E-Series Symbian Adobe Reader

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04 August 2007

Another Symbian S60 free application - Screenshot

This application is not only free but also is open source. It works on S60 3rd Edition but there is version for UIQ. It captures screenshot on Symbian OS mobile phones. It supports 31 languages. The screenshot can be sent directly to a PC via Bluetooth or infrared and another mobile phone. You can download it here.

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03 August 2007

Free Symbian software application - VoIP service Symmy

I've recently found an interesting free app for S60 devices - Symmy. Symmy is a VoIP communication service on Symbian S60 v2 and v3 phones. It is completely free application like Skype or other VoIP . You can call user of Symmy for free and send them instant messages.

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Samsung i550 - GPS Symbian S60 smartphone

There was some posts in different sources about new Samsung i550 that would be a first GPS enabled phone from Samsung. Moreover - it has Symbian OS S60 which is great for all of us. Connectivity is the GSM/HSDPA and Bluetooth 2.0. Sources claims that maps and routing info are downloaded over-the-air and on-the-fly. Other not official specs are:
  • 2,6-inch display
  • 128Mb RAM
  • 150Mb flash
  • micro SD-slot
  • 3,2 Mpix camera with autofocus and flash
  • FM-radio
  • MicroUSB
  • Size - 115x53x13,8 mm

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