09 August 2007

Symbian VoIP SIP applications

Symbian VoIP SIP applicationsThere is a lof of free and not really free VoIP clients for Symbian Nokia and Sony Ericsson devices like BaraBlu, AQL, Mobiboo, Skype, RebTel, Jajah, Truphone and possibly others. But we talk now about really free software clients that allows to use SIP gateways on Symbian 9 and Symbian 8 smartphones. You always can use special edition of Nokia smartphones Ineternet Edition - N80 IE and others. These devices have embedded SIP client that can be configured to work with any SIP gateway server. But what to do with other Symbian smarphones? We need to install some free SIP client on the smartphone. One of these applications is Fring. Since version 3.0 it allows you to call not only to Skype contacts, but configure a SIP service and directly use it. Now you can call for free to many countries with SIP services like Gizmo, Free World Dialup or bunch of Betamax services like VoipStunt, VoipDiscount, VoipCheap, NetAppel, Voipbuster, SparVoIP etc.
Update: Read about new Free Skype VoIP client in Nokia phones, it's ready to be released in Nokia N97 phone


Anonymous said...

yo sup bro..thanks for leaving comment on my blog. hope symbian os will go more advance than we think :D

Anonymous said...

Some body try SIPPhone (sip provider compatible with Gizmo) and Talkonaut (gtalk2voip) to make call on WIFI over SIP/VOIP with a Nokia 9500 ?
I try. Talkonaut makes the connection with the PC (that rings) and I can answer. But I have a answering machine (from Gizmo) on the PC and no sound from the Nokia (the communication is on).

Anonymous said...

I should ask Skype to release a native S60v3 client. Come one...

Anonymous said...

I use a Nokia E71 and have downloaded Fring to use its VoIP features but I can't seem to connect it to the internet. I don't have such problem with ebuddy and such. What do you guys think is the problem?

Anonymous said...

if u are trying to connect through wifi..delete all ur access points frm ur phone settings..then try connecting with fring.

Anonymous said...


I have used them all.

Nothing beats the REAL experience of using the official Nokia in-built "Internet Telephone" SIP client to call - the quality is simply superb.

However, due to Nokia crippling most of the Symbian phones, I am afraid I am disappointed to the point where I am now looking at the iPhone and Android phones for my calling needs.

Nokia is NOT meeting the needs of me as a customer, and I shall look elsewhere.

Fring, Nimbuzz, Talkonaut etc. are always lagging at least 2-3 seconds because I think they tunnel all data packets to their own servers first before releasing them to the internet.

The best among the breed would be Talkonaut, because it is lightweight, and possibly consumes the least battery. However, to use Talkonaut with a SIP provider is now NOT free, so I have decided to ditch Talkonaut in favor of Fring right now.

Until then, let us hope for a brighter mobile VoIP tomorrow.

God Bless,


Unknown said...

It also astounds me that Nokia are only offering 3.6Mbps HSPA products! Others have been doing faster speeds for quite a while.

Unknown said...

I've tried to use fring but that is worst design I ever seen. As first, this require to connect to their server (and I need SIP client ONLY) and even worst, their server is not stable, so, this is closing again and again because of NO REASON (as I said I don't need/want connection to fring servers).

so, real question is : is there any SIP client, simple application, not something with options like microsoft office.

Anonymous said...

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