28 December 2005

Photos of new smartphone Nokia N95

There are some photos of new Nokia phone or smartphone prototype that will become a Nokia N95 phone. I suggest this phone was built on Symbian 9 OS.

13 December 2005

Names of nul string descriptors in Symbian

I always forget who nul string descriptor is called. If you do too, here they are:

They are declared in e32std.h file.

06 December 2005

Secret of full-duplex audio on Nokia 6630 and 6680 has been revealed

Finally we can find out how to use full-duplex audio on Symbian Series 60 2ed. FP3 phones. As they say here Nokia has released on its Forum Pro site such example in 9 November. It' named Full-Duplex Audio Example. Details of this example we can learn very soon when somebody will publish such a code.