25 April 2006

Nokia S60 Summit will begin soon

As I have received in announce this summit will start on 24th May in Nice. The Summit and its Expo will examine the opportunities, markets and threats facing operators today. There you can meet new partners and see innovations that can help create business success.

The Summit’s agenda aims to show you:

· How a software platform ecosystem can boost the efficiency of service differentiation

· Which consumer segments to focus on for services development and delivery

· How subscribers actually use rich mobile devices

· How the business rules are changing

· How innovative developers are generating new and lucrative business opportunities

Registeration to summit available here.

13 April 2006

Nokia have delayed its multimedia smartphones

By info from Reuters Nokia will release smartphones N71, N80 и N91, also E60, E61 и E71 models in next few week. But previously Nokia claims that N91 would have been released till the end of 2005, then the date of release was shifted to begin of year 2006. Nokia explains delay by fixing the software for these models.

10 April 2006

Another smallest smartphone in the World

ASUS claims that its P305 is the smallest Ms Winodows Mobile 5.0 smartphone in the world. This phone is targete to work in 3G networks. Windows Mobile 5.0 with Direct Push Technology gives ability to instant updating of Microsoft Office Outlook Email, Calendar, Contacts and Tasks when synchronizing with MS Exchange Server. The P305 also runs Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player 10 Mobile so it can play MP3, AMR, AAC, WAV and WMA, as well as streaming MPEG-4 video. Connectivity consists of Bluetooth 1.2 and IrDA. Memory expanded with use of the mini-SD expansion card slot.

06 April 2006

Photos of new Symbian smartphones by Nokia

Again leaked photos have been published in the net of new Nokia smartphones. At this time it were N73 and N93 models. N73 model have to replace N70 Symbian smartphone. It will have upgraded camera with 3.2 Megapixel sensot and Carl-Zeiss optic. The phone will work in 3G and UMTS networks. N93 model will replace N92 smartphone. Camera will be the same as in N73 but with 3x optical zoom. Both models are based on Symbian OS 9.0 and Series 60 3rd Edition, have support of Bluetooth 2.0. N93 phone will work in GPRS, EDGE and UMTS/WCDMA networks with support Wi-Fi.