17 February 2009

Free Skype VoIP client in Nokia phones

Nokia N97 picturesFinally Skype will embed its VoIP application to the Nokia mobile phones running Symbian S60. The first one will be the new N97 device. Moreover Skype software will be available to download onto other Nokia Symbian S60 models. But standalone version is less integrated into address books, messaging and other phone's built-in features. Integrated version of Skype client in Nokia N97 will be able to show when Skype contacts are online, send messages to them, launch free Skype-to-Skype voice calls, and use native phone client to make Skype Out calls.

Looks like we move to Skype availability on all Nokia Symbian smartphones.

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Any idea when this will be available to download? Nothing at the Skype homepage yet.
I absolutely love skype for my computer, and it works great on my laptop with wifi... I wonder how this will work out!

I hope it will be available soon

I have n82, I hope there's a skype application for my phone
Was using Fring until today and use Skype on PC, iPhone and even standalone loaded skype mobile on my Nokia E71. What a disappointment. Cant use wifi to call for free. Can only message to other skype users and incoming calls are charged as well as outgoing. What a con. Back to Fring for now
I think that perhaps the E71 was not the best choice if all you wanted was a wifi Skype phone. After this announcement, I believe official Skype is a must on iPhone. Besides Truphone, skype is also available through Fring, but the quality in that is not up to par. Skype need to be in iPhone with its current and most recent voip implementation. thanks for the wonderful entry.
Still waiting for the N97 firmware update with Skype. Any word when this will actually be available to us in the US?
Skype for S60 on Nokia phones: just an old promise! But now no communication anymore ... Maybe a lie after all?
Of course, it threatens to starve the golden chicken of telephone operators. And they are very powerful ...
I had working skype for my needs (e90) and used it just for chat. Yesterday I upgraded my phone firmware, so skype was lost. I can't find it anymore on net.

Skype is good for chat and cheap calling. But Skype is banned in gulf countries
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