24 November 2005

Opera have released new version of browser for Symbian Series 60

Opera Software have released the new version of its Opera Mobile browser for Symbian Series 60 (S60). Opera 8.5 for S60 boasts high speed, Opera's wide range of features and a new password manager for automatic log-in to sites. The browser also features Opera's advanced zoom-on-page functionality which means that users can zoom in or out to view images and text.
Opera 8.5 for S60 also includes customizable keypad shortcuts, enhanced image handling and more extensive language support. There is new languages in Opera. Opera also have its Small-Screen Rendering (SSR) technology, which dynamically reformats full Web pages for mobile devices to give the best possible user-experience. SSR keeps as much of the original page design and layout as possible while gently adapting the page to fit the width of the screen, eliminating the need to scroll around horizontally.

Also Opera 8.5 can correctly run AJAX web pages, what is very helpful in modern web.
Opera browser is shareware software with 14-days trial period. After this you can buy Opera 8.5 to continue using the browser. Opera 8.5 is a free upgrade to owners of previous versions of Opera. For example, on some models of Nokia phones Opera browser is preinstalled and you don't have to pay for upgrade.
You can
download Opera Mobile and buy it.

21 November 2005

Symbian mobile phones: Semapedia - wikipedia in real life

Project Semapedia hosted on the site semapedia.org is created to connect the virtual and physical world by bringing information from the Internet to the relevant place in physical space. Source of information proposed to be a Wikipedia. The project works in this way:

- you have to create a Semacode which contains URL to Wikipedia site. You can do it online on their site;

- then you have to print this semacode tag and place it on a real world object, for example on the Microsoft headquarter in Redmond;

- now anyone who wants to get information about this thing can use mobile software for Nokia cameraphones with Symbian OS;
- you have to install this software reader on the phone and launch it; (also there are readers for J2ME cameraphones)

- now you can point the camera of your phone at semacode tag and load page from Wikipedia about this object.

This project can become wide popular because of its simplicity and usefulness. Lets wait awhile.

17 November 2005

Nokia Wireless Presenter v2.0

Nokia have released a new version of its Wireless Presenter for Nokia 6680 phone.
With Wireless Presenter you can use your Nokia 6680 to control PowerPoint presentations, music players and other Windows applications. Nokia Wireless Presenter software allows you to access your Windows desktop applications via Bluetooth wireless technology. You need to install this software in both your PC and your Nokia 6680 to remotely control the mouse and keyboard functions.
You can download this application here. 1.8Mb English

16 November 2005

Call of SetPriority() in audio classes in Symbian Series 60 programming

There is priorities in Audio MMF Server for each client. When you use API classes for recording and playing audio you always have to setup some priority to your audio. There are different priorities for some purposes. What value should you select? In many cases it will be enough to setup EMdaPriorityNormal. If you setup EMdaPriorityMax value then you cannot be interrupted by other MMF Server clients.
But in some cases standard Symbian applications and services can interrupt your audio input/output, for example, beeping of key pressing. You will get KErrDied error code then. What we should do to avoid this? The solution, recommended by Nokia developers is to setup priority of your client to 80, like this:

iAudioPlayer->SetPriority( 80, EMdaPriorityPreferenceTimeAndQuality );

So you won't be interrupted by other clients and will not block audio at all for clients with higher priority.

14 November 2005

Mobile Symbian podcast catcher for S60 phones

Podcasting nowadays is widely popular in the world. And it is strange that no one have released a software for Symbian smartphones that can subscribe and recieve podcast.

But recently such software was created by
Mobiedge. It is Mobiedge Radio - a Wireless/Wired Podcasting Client. As developers claim: "Mobiedge Radio is a podcatcher (podcasting client) that runs on an S60 mobile phone. You can use it to download, read, manage your subscribed podcasting feeds on your phone."

You can buy this software application at Handago
If you have purchased Mobiedge Newspaper software you don't need to buy this one, just upgrade to version 1.1 of Mobiedge Newspaper.

07 November 2005

The new Sony Ericsson P990 smartphone was announced

The Sony Ericsson P990 will be the first commercially available smartphone to adopt Symbian OS v9.1 and the UIQ 3 software platform.
Screen Display:
240x320 pixels QVGA
262 k color
RAM Memory: 64MB
Flash Memory: 128MB
Shared memory for storage: Up to 80MB user free memory
External memory: Up to 4GB Memory Stick Duo Pro
Max JAR Size: Unlimited (but depending on available storage)
Max SIS Size: Unlimited (but depending on available storage)
Local Connectivity:
Extra features:
2 Megapixel camera with autofocus
Video recorder/player
QWERTY, QWERTZ, AZERTY and Russian keyboard options
Jog Dial
4GB Memory Stick Duo Pro
Flight mode
FM radio

Press release says:

Developers can program in C++ or Java to create powerful professional and personal productivity tools for the P990. The smartphone is based on Sony Ericsson's Java Platform 3 (JP-3) and supports four new JSRs including Web Services (JSR 172). It is the twentieth phone from Sony Ericsson to support Mobile Java 3D with JSR 184. The P990 supports both CDLC and CDC Java environments, and standard Java applications can run in both flip-open and flip-closed modes.

03 November 2005

New Nokia Symbian-smartphones N71, N80 and N92

Nokia has introduced three new Symbian OS-based phones.

With the browsing experience accentuated by its huge high resolution color display (320 x 240 pixels, up to 262,144 colors), the Nokia N71 supports the new Nokia Web Browser with Mini Map. A pocketable entertainment system, the Nokia N71 keeps people entertained with digital music, videos and stereo FM radio and is the latest member of the Nokia XpressMusic family.

Nokia N80 is the first ever handset to enable seamless home media networking between compatible TVs, audio systems and PCs.

Nokia N92 is, the first integrated DVB-H mobile device in the Nokia Nseries range for watching broadcast TV programs.

For more info go to
Nokia site.

Want to look at new Symbian UIQ smartphone SonyEricsson 990 with opened flip?

If you didn't see how SonyEriccson P990 looks with opened flip or recording video then this two pictures are for you