09 August 2005

Full duplex audio on Nokia 6630, 6680

There is first known application "Useful Skype Phone for Nokia 6630, 6680" that uses full duplex audio feature on the Nokia 6630, Nokia 6680 phone.
I hope soon this feature will be at public access to all developers.

05 August 2005

There is new newsgroup at publicnews.symbiandevnet.com news-server

New group is called discussion.Symbian.Signed. As written in welcome to the group:
"Just as with the other newsgroups on this server, Symbian has created discussion.Symbian.Signed to be a free, public, self-help discussion forum fordevelopers using the Symbian Signed process. Please feel free to post (andanswer!) any questions about Symbian Signed in this group instead of in theother ones on this server. Again, just like the other groups, this forum will beread/monitored by Symbian staff who will respond on a 'best effort' basis to tryand help the community, but we can't offer any *guaranteed* answers in any fixedtime-frame. As usual, however, we will do our best! We will also attempt to turnany questions which arise regularly in to FAQs to help other developers infuture."

04 August 2005

EHeretic - port of the Raven/Id first person shooter game Heretic to the A92x, A1000, Pxxx phones.

Another port of shooter to the Symbian. Main interest to developer - code of the game is open source.


There is a new site http://www.symbiancodex.com/ created by Simon Judge. The idea of this site is to create search mechanism through the most of opened code sources for Symbian in public access. Sometimes it's more effective than searching across all of the Internet via Google.