30 January 2007

USB version of Mobiola Web Camera for Symbian Nokia S60 3rd Edition

Warelex LLC have released new version of its application Mobiola WebCam for S60 3rd Edition with USB support. More info here.

10 January 2007

New Apple's iPhone in competition to Nokia Symbian smartphones

News from Apple about iPhone rise company's stocks up to 8%, but I think it not scares smartphone manufacturers like Nokia because Apple has made too much mistakes. Here they are:
- first of all, it's a convergence era so devices should have all the features and use it successfully, but in iPhone there are lack of HSDPA, GPS, WiFi sync and more, second of all - it's not a smartphone, so I don't know how you suppose to make a new game or other killer-app for it. You can't even extend functionality of it for support VPN or your favourite VoIP provider. The design is stylish but this is a true PPC size and many of people don't like it because the size not really fit their pockets. And who would buy this phone? Owner of iPod already have it with phone in other pocket.
So I think there are nothing to worry about for manufacturers like Nokia, but there are problems for Blackberry and WM5 guys.

Symbian Smartphone Nokia N93i - facelift of leader

Nokia updates it's leader Symbian smartphone - Nokia N93 to N93i. It got more attractive desing, new shiny back surface, but didn't get FP1 of S60 3rd Edition. It still can capture amazing video and supports WiFi connectivity.

Symbian Smartphone Nokia N76 specifications

As we everybody know Nokia has released RAZR-like smartphone Nokia N76. Let's look on the specs. The size of the device is pretty handy with it's 106.5 x 52 x 13.7 mm and 115 g of weight. It's not the thinnest device in the world like Samsung one's and not smallest Symbian smartphone but for this formfactor pnone's size is very good. The phone is mirror-like in its shine, very pretty, but quite fingerprint-prone. The interesting rich features of the device are:
  • VGA video recording
  • A great music player supporting plenty of file types, and FM radio.
  • Because it is S60 3rd Edition, Feature Pack 1, it has a new rich-HTML web browser, like Apple's iPhone proud of.
  • It has EDGE support but not HSDPA.
  • Dedicated music buttons on phone's face for music player functionality.
  • The usable feature of this phone is a standard 3.5mm jack for headphones.
  • Big and bright 2.4 inch display with resolution 240 x 320 pixels.

It's good move from Nokia with RAZR style to Symbian smartphones.

09 January 2007

New Nokia Symbian smartphones N76 and N93i and Linux device N800 on CES 2007

Nokia has presented on CES 2007 its new smartphones N76 and N93i and successor of Nokia 770 Internet Tablet - Nokia N800 Linux device. There was a lot of interesting on CES 2007 from Nokia and other vendors. Detailed specs and more news will come soon. Stay tuned...