22 September 2015

Format phone numbers with libPhoneNumber

libPhoneNumber is a great lib for phone number formatting, country detection and store phone numbers to E164 standard presentation.

09 April 2015

Layout on Android for Arabic and other RTL languages

The way which Android will put the text to the it's place in the layout depends on its layout gravity parameter. New values for this for API 17 are "start" and "end" orientations, depending on the language default for device user it changed it place from left to right and vice versa, it is different for langs written from the left to the right LTR and others(arabians) which start from the right to the left (RTL). In app to get layout/text directions call the method getLayoutDirectionFromLocale(locale), this will return View.LAYOUT_DIRECTION_LTR (left-to-right) or View.LAYOUT_DIRECTION_RTL (right-to-left).

01 April 2015

31 March 2015

If UILabel iOS auto shrink is not working

There is an issue I've got today, UILabel has not not autoshrinking text to fit label size. Investigation gives the answer - do not select "Word Wrap" in Line Breaks parameter for this label control, select "Truncate Tail" (see illustration) and it magically starts to work. This applied to latest Xcode 6 and iOS7-iOS8 targets. For earlier versions like iOS 6 you also have to set up 1 in "Lines" field to auto shrink can be applied.