24 August 2007

Reader of Adobe PDF texts on J2ME mobile phones

We have tried free PDF readers for Symbian smartphones recently. But there is a lot of J2ME enabled java phones. There are such devices from Sony Ericsson (models K750, K610, W610, V630, W710, Z610, Z710, K790, K800, W830, W850, W900, W810, S500, T650, Z750), Nokia (Series 40 system), Motorola, LG etc. People may want to read Adobe Acrobat PDF files on these devices. There is J2ME midlet for all these mobiles. It's not really free version, you should pay for this app. But if you really need to read PDF documents on the go you consider this offer. Direct link to download this app here. The homepage of this app here.

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i like that
I tried to obtain the trial version via wap push, nothing came for a few hours so I downloaded from the site and installed via cable to my Nokia 6300. Some 16 hours later the wap link finally arrived, so be patient!
First impression: yes, it does open PDFs, no, it does not always handle more complex files very well (by "more complex" I mean things like a Nature reprint - multiple columns, tables, larger figures). Also it keeps asking for permission to read/write from/to my memory card. Nevertheless, I still consider keeping it and maybe even paying for it :-)
i downloaded this on my Nokia 6300 and after trying to read/open the pdf file... it said error... any idea on how to use this program? pls help. thanks.
sorry, my english is very bad, but I will try to explain it... You can't open too big files with this program on your mobile phone. It's feature of phone's file system. Critical size of file is about 300 KB.
It works!

Thanks you!
Adobes pdf reader s*cks mayor balls
you would expect it to adapt the page layout to fit your small screen. It doesn't.
You have to scroll from side to side to read a sentence. And zooming to fit the width of the page is useless because then the letters are to small to read.

Please, can anybody offer an alternative. I don't mind converting.(Unless there is no converter)
Does anyone know if this works on the the Sprint Samsung Instinct?
I downloaded the full version but i cannot open the pdf files it shows nothing on my sony ericsson w859i
the software is no good - the adobe software for mobile phones arethe best - but unfortunately itis only on SIS format-- for symbian phone only
some pdf files are readable with nokia 5310 xpressmusic, other pdf's are incompatible. I'll wait for a new version, but so far its going good.
it doesn't work, useful just for small files, sorry friends,to keep waiting.....
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