26 April 2007

New Carbide.c++ V1.2 Symbian development IDE from Nokia

Nokia today has presended new developer productivity and cost-savings enhancements to its Carbide.c++ development tool for Symbian OS. The Carbide.c++ IDE accelerate mobile application development delivering new functionality with device navigation utilities and time-saving project build tools. This IDE has been announced at the S60 Summit 2007. Carbide.c++ Developer Edition available for purchase for 299 € and Carbide.c++ Professional Edition for 1,299 €. Free upgrades available for current Developer and Professional Edition customers. Carbide.c++ Express is available for free.
Developers will find advanced Performance Investigator tool functionality in Carbide.c++ V1.2 Developer and Professional Edition. It delivers greater visibility into critical power consumption and memory usage early in the development process. Carbide.C++ IDE supports smartphone software development based on the latest versions of Symbian OS, including UIQ, NTT DoCoMo's MOAP, and S60 3rd Edition.
New enhancements include:
  • Improvements to Eclipse-enabled code browsing and code completion capabilities.
  • Enhanced project build functionalities, including new wizards for kit detection and project import, easier and more reliable project creation and editing.
  • Improvements to the Performance Investigator tool, including Power Optimizer and Memory Analyzer.

25 April 2007

Samsung has presented the Symbian smartphone SGH-i400

At S60 summit Samsung today showcased its latest Symbian OS smartphone SGH-i400. The smartphone SGH-i400 is based on Symbian OS and S60 which offer extensive languagesupports and multitasking features.The Samsung i400 is created for users who want to have advanced features of a smartphone in slider design. The slider phone supports full web browsing and Bluetooth connectivity for active business users. Samsung i400 also includes 2 Megapixel camera, music key and stereo dual speaker. The SGH-i400 has a 2.3-inch bright display.