17 April 2009

Upgrade your Nokia 5800 with free apps

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic GPS navigation6 April Nokia has released a new TV commercial with its first touch-screen device Nokia 5800 XpressMusic. This video shows what a cool things you can do with your 5800 device like Internet messaging and browsing with web video support, GPS navigation, picture and video uploading to Flickr and YouTube.

I wonder how we can extend these rich capabilities of this perfect device with freeware applications? The first thing I thought was extended messaging to many IM networks with Nimbuzz, Octrotalk, Palringo, Yeigo, Bombus and other such applications. The second thing would be free and low-cost VoIP telephony with great VoIP clients like Fring or Truphone. Other interesting option would be making from your phone a wireless webcam or microphone for your laptop which is possible with help of WWIGO or Mobiola Webcam and Mobiola Headset application.

My question to readers: how else we can upgrade our 5800 touch devices with Symbian freeware?