05 February 2009

Nokia 5800 error "Expired certificate" solution

Nokia 5800 certificate expiredNokia consumers report the Nokia 5800 Express Music phones with touch screen got a software bug in installation software. This bug prevents you from installing any Symbian signed or developer singed sis packages with applications. You always got "Expired certificate" error message. For self-signed applications installation process finished successfully. This happens probably because of new Symbian S60 5th Edition software running on Nokia 5800. On some user forums people find a solution to solve this issue.

The main action you have to do is to reset your phone's software to manufacturer state via key sequence *#7370#. Device ask you to enter lock code, it should be 12345. But you can backup all your data before this action with Nokia PC Suite and restore it after resetting software.
Also it's better to update phone's firmware to latest version (to check version number press *#0000#) because in older versions you may still got "Expired certificate" error message sometimes later.

That's it! Now you can install any application you want, even developed for older S60 3rd Edition devices like Fring, Google Maps, Mobiola, etc.

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Yeah, in addition, the latest problem this handset is facing is DRM (Digital Rights Management).

After resetting your phone, you will find the music files and videos that came with the phone are locked and the best part is Neither Nokia Care nor Nokia Priority knows what to do about it !!
Great sharing.Thanks.
To the author,

I want to say many thanks for sharing this simple and yet easy to DIY steps to enable all the 5800xm users a solution to resolve the bugging and irritating error occurring in the mobile's OS.

I had downloaded tons of applications and themes from various sites & forums. They all are now fully functional and usable in my 5800xm.



First my nokia 5800 got locked on upgrading the firmware. A swap phone was supplied by company in 20 days . This phone is unable to upgrade to newer firmware version. The music content are locked. Also, the phone does not plugs into system and does not gets connected to PC Suite. Other than that the phone headphone adaptar is mulfunctioning in a months time. Phone and adaptar are now at Nokia care for replacemnet.i.e. 2 times in 2 mts. time.
Just change your date forward but not BACKWARD!!!. For me it was on 1 june 2009 and i changed it to 1 june 2010. By some own "Magic" I can now install all compatible app even when I changed back my date to normal. GOOD MAGIC LUCK!!!
Thank you very much for this helpful solution. I was getting quite frustrated about this issue.
This is helpful that I recovered Expired Certificate but unfortunately lost all the contact numbers. Is there any solution to get those numbers back again. Plz help.
Hello to all nokia user.I got very simple solution for expire certificate. just before installing the application change the date like 2010 present to 2009 or 2008 like that and install your application and check your installed application is working or not after that change the dates.
...........E N J O Y T H E N O K I A...........
i have done this but this method only works for a few days. isn't there any other method?
This is freaking awesome!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks, man , been trying to crack it for soooooo long.
tried it! doesn't work for me. my version is 50.07
thanx ..realyy ur the man]
I have purchased a nokia 5233 in april 2011. Now i have updated the software from nokia care centre udhampur, Jammu and Kashmmir. But i am still facing the problem while installing an application or game i.e. certificate. Kindly solve my problem. contact:-
how to solve certificate expire problm for nokia 5530
I have purchased a nokia N 97 in april 2011. Now i have updated the software from nokia care centre. But i am still facing the problem while installing an application before it was working the same version i have removed then again try to install but still it is not certificate. Kindly solve my problem. contact:-
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