13 August 2008

Free VoIP Symbian app Fring now on Nokia E71

Free VoIP Symbian app Fring now on Nokia E71Free VoIP Symbian application now is available for Nokia E71. This is Fring. Nokia E71 smartphone is another new device supported by this great free VoIP application. A few days ago Fring team also announced support of Samsung i550w smartphone. More information about Fring features you can find in previous post about Symbian VoIP SIP applications.

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Woohoo great! now I could make a good use of this.
Really!Nokia E71 users can access those free VOIP symbian facilities.Gr8 news.
Free? I could definitely use this! This is awesome news! Thanks for posting!
Sure is great. I already use VOIP from Orbtalk with UK number and just copied the setting for N80 to my E71 from their support page at
could i able to use freecall its a part of voip and using wifi i can able to make a call
Hey Can u Please help me how to use Free call or Action Voip on my E71 im from UAE...
if any one can help me please mail me on
doesn't work on latest firmware tho.....
Have just upgraded my firmware (yup, I shouldn't have) on Nokia's site & it's killed fring on my phone. Everything installs well, etc. But when try to run it, the fring program doesn't even load up.
So, if u r planning to upgrade your firmware on E71. DON'T
glad i check i was about to upgrade firmware. and im using fring as nice program let us know if u can get fring back working on the new firmware.
cheers for the heads up
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