30 October 2007

Symbian 9 Platform Security and capabilities hacked - copy any files and DRM content

Reading this post we can learn about the big security vulnerability of our Nokia and Sony Ericsson Symbian 9 smartphones. We need to do following steps:

  • Take an update firmware package (currently supported only by Nokia for S60 smartphones).
  • Edit some part of it, where all those capabilities are listed that a user can grant to a 3rd party application upon installation.
  • Update these capabilities.
  • Flash this modified firmware.
I think we all now can watch DRM content for free on S60 devices like N95 or N73. This will be the big surprise for all content providers. Also we can browse all files in our smartphones including Private folders!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Yes, I belive it is possible,
but not every user want to modify firmware and no garanties that updated firmware will work