01 November 2007

Cheap international mobile calls are possible now

There is a new great service EQO which solves of most painful problems for mobile users - international long-distance calls on the go is very expensive. But we want calling for free or at least very cheap. Now we have a solution. This is new VoIP service EQO. What the EQO is? EQO is small Java midlet installed to your mobile phone by SMS text message for free. When you call somebody with EQO, the application automatically instructs the phone to call the local number, and EQO routes the call over its international calling network. This service available in almost 40 countries all over the world. Rates are very-very low. This service a little bit expensive than Fring, Truphone or other true VoIP SIP solutions, but it works on every modern Java-enabled phone. Other clients require smartphones with Symbian or Windows Mobile.

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Anonymous said...

inspite that it is cheap it costs money for your internet traffic.
i think the best way is to use mConnectom - traffic monitor tool.