03 October 2007

Free themes and games for Nokia - 5 ways to download

Everybody wants to get some free stuff for mobile phone. The most popular content for mobile phones are ringtones. But there are other high demanded content for mobiles including Nokia Symbian S60 devices. This is themes and games. Platform Nokia Symbian S60 allows to developers to make very rich and high-quality themes for S60 devices. Many of PC and game console games can be ported to Nokia Symbian S60 mobile phones. This gives us thousands of themes and hundreds of game titles for S60 devices. How we can download all of them freely?

The first way is to check dedicated forums and look what they can give to us. The most well-known forums dedicated to Nokia S60 software and freeware are imserba.com, noeman.org, symbian-freak.com, gsmarena.com, allaboutsymbian.com etc.

The second way is to check mobile portals like Imserba, My-Symbian.com. This portals has huge collections of free themes and games for a lot of mobile phone models including Nokia S60 devices. Go there and start downloading.

The third way is to check some blogs which collects freeware and downloaded content for mobile phones. Most of them hosted on blogspot servers. The examples of such blogs are Symbian-Freeware and my blog.

The fourth way is to subscribe on one of Yahoo! Groups dedicated to Symbian software. Examples of such groups are SymbianSeries60 and MOBILEMEDIA_SIS.

And the fifth way is just google for these content and you can find all other sites not mentioned in this post! For example there is a lot of free applications, games and themes on content store sites like Handango.

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