03 September 2007

Free GPS map navigation for Nokia Symbian phone

There is only one free native Symbian option for your Nokia Symbian smartphone if you like to use free GPS maps navigation software. It is Nokia Maps, also known as Smart2go. The site where you can download this application is here. By the way it now officially has been updated for almost all of S60 3rd edition devices (including E61(i), E61i, E65, N73, N76, N93i, Nokia 6120 classic and the ones with Nokia Maps preinstalled - E90 Communicator, N95 and 6110 Navigator), not only N Series as before, but for E Series devices too. Most interesting thing that it is now available for Symbian Series 60 (S60) 2nd Edition devices Nokia N70 and N72. I hope we can install it on 6630, 6680, 6681, 6682 devices too. But this assumption should be proven.
There is more options on free GPS navigation for Symbian: amAze GPS for J2ME devices with Bluetooth GPS receiver which may run on Symbian too, Nav4All the Java-based voice-guided navigation system which supports Bluetooth GPS and integrated GPS in Nokia N95 and Nokia 6110 Navigator devices.

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i've tried amaze and nav 4 all and neither seem to find the internal gps. I tried using google maps but it refreshes too slow and then lo0cks up and has to be restarted, any ideas or other options
i have a n95 8gb amaze looks greak it finds my internal gps i hope i will find the route today with it!
I am using Amaze regularly and it works fine. The only disadvantage is that it needs to be connected almost permanently to internet since the map is being downloaded from internet. First, it is pretty expensive if you are abroad. Secondly, it is not working in areas with insufficient signal.
Do I need a data plan to navigate with those apps, or the GPS include in my N95 will be enough.
Thanks for helping me.
is there any preloaded maps avaliable for amaze or nav 4?
Have a look at
World's first and only totally free, offline, country level, Java mobile phone navigation system ! Its in development, but already very nice!
Nokia Maps requires an expensive licence, Amaze is a great program but heavy on the data, likewise with Nav4all, the data costs for these two would probably way exceed the nokia Maps licence fee if used regularly. With Nokia Maps you can download the maps via WLAN before you leave home and it doesn't need further data updates.
thank you very much because i wase searching for it long time ago
i've been searching a free roadmap for malaysia.. But i din't find any single one.. can you guys help me please.. i really want to get this features enable on my Nokia 6110 Navigator.. i din't use the apps' for almost a years now, until now i really need it, but its all cost me a dollars can someone tell me where can i find the roadmap for my N6110 Navi's?
I use wetravel, is totally free, based on open strret map, there is a guide voice, but the maps are quite poors, I dont know how to insert start and destination coords.
Free Navigation and Updated maps are not available for 6110 Navigator. OVI 2 is available for most of the old models and free navigation license and updated maps are not available for OVI 2 !! So the free navigation is not available for ALL...
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