21 November 2005

Symbian mobile phones: Semapedia - wikipedia in real life

Project Semapedia hosted on the site semapedia.org is created to connect the virtual and physical world by bringing information from the Internet to the relevant place in physical space. Source of information proposed to be a Wikipedia. The project works in this way:

- you have to create a Semacode which contains URL to Wikipedia site. You can do it online on their site;

- then you have to print this semacode tag and place it on a real world object, for example on the Microsoft headquarter in Redmond;

- now anyone who wants to get information about this thing can use mobile software for Nokia cameraphones with Symbian OS;
- you have to install this software reader on the phone and launch it; (also there are readers for J2ME cameraphones)

- now you can point the camera of your phone at semacode tag and load page from Wikipedia about this object.

This project can become wide popular because of its simplicity and usefulness. Lets wait awhile.

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