24 November 2005

Opera have released new version of browser for Symbian Series 60

Opera Software have released the new version of its Opera Mobile browser for Symbian Series 60 (S60). Opera 8.5 for S60 boasts high speed, Opera's wide range of features and a new password manager for automatic log-in to sites. The browser also features Opera's advanced zoom-on-page functionality which means that users can zoom in or out to view images and text.
Opera 8.5 for S60 also includes customizable keypad shortcuts, enhanced image handling and more extensive language support. There is new languages in Opera. Opera also have its Small-Screen Rendering (SSR) technology, which dynamically reformats full Web pages for mobile devices to give the best possible user-experience. SSR keeps as much of the original page design and layout as possible while gently adapting the page to fit the width of the screen, eliminating the need to scroll around horizontally.

Also Opera 8.5 can correctly run AJAX web pages, what is very helpful in modern web.
Opera browser is shareware software with 14-days trial period. After this you can buy Opera 8.5 to continue using the browser. Opera 8.5 is a free upgrade to owners of previous versions of Opera. For example, on some models of Nokia phones Opera browser is preinstalled and you don't have to pay for upgrade.
You can
download Opera Mobile and buy it.

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