19 April 2005

New Nokia Developer Newsletter, April 19, 2005

In this newsletter:

Tip of the Week: SMS Data to Your MIDlets
You can catch incoming messages from Midlets even if the MIDlet is not running when the SMS arrives. There is an example: MIDP 2.0: Wireless Messaging API Example MIDP_2_0_Wireless_Messaging_API_Example_v1_0.zip

New Nokia 8800 phone

Series 40 Developer Platform 2.0

CLDC 1.1
MIDP 2.0
Nokia UI API Wireless Messaging API (JSR-120)
Mobile Media API (JSR-135)
Bluetooth API (JSR-82 /except OBEX)
Java Technology Wireless Industry rel. 1 (JSR-185)
FileConnection and PIM API (JSR-75)
Mobile 3D Graphics API (JSR-184)

From Java™ MIDP to C++ for Symbian OS
How to migrate in game development from Java MIDP to Symbian C++. The story from from Spoon Interactive Arts of Manila, Philippines. Migrating_SymbianOS_Java_v1_0.pdf, 744 kB.

and more...

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