22 April 2005

Common products UIDs

Do you know all the UIDs that you should write in .pkg files to specify application target platform? Here they are:

Series 60

Series 60 v0.9 0x101F6F88
Series 60 v1.0 0x101F795F
Series 60 v1.1 0x101F8201
Series 60 v1.2 0x101F8202
Series 60 v2.0 0x101f7960
Series 60 2nd Edition 0x101f7960
Series 60 2nd Edition + Feature Pack 1 0x101F9115
Series 60 2nd Edition + Feature Pack 2 0x10200BAB
Nokia 3650 0x101F7962
Nokia 6600 0x101F7963
Nokia 6620 0x1020216B
Nokia 6630 0x101F7964
Nokia 7610 0x101FD5DB
Nokia 7650 0x101F6F87
Nokia N-Gage 0x101F8A64
Siemens SX1 0x101F9071

Series 80

Series 80 v2.0 0x101F8ED2
Nokia 9300 0x101F8ED1
Nokia 9500 0x101F8DDB


UIQ v2.0 0x101F617B
UIQ v2.1 0x101F61CE
SonyEricsson P80x 0x101F80BE
SonyEricsson P90x 0x101FBB35

Development platforms

Series5mx 0x1000118a
Brutus board 0x10005f60
Cogent board 0x10005f61
Win32Emulator 0x10005f62
WinC 0x10005f63
CirrusLogic 7211 board 0x1000604f

How to add this UIDs in your .pkg files:

Example for UIQ 2.0:
(0x101F617B), 2, 0, 0, {"UIQ20ProductID"}
Example for Series 60 2.0:
(0x101F7960), 0, 0, 0, {"Series60ProductID"}

It is generally preferable to use the Series 60 vX.X UIDs unless your application is only targeted at a very specific phone. Note that there is a known issue in the Series 60 Developer Platform 2.0, Nokia 6600, firmware version 3.42.1 described in
"Developer Platform 2.0: Known Issues", current version of this document you can find

UIDs was found here.

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