14 February 2012

Nokia Belle Update Released For Symbian Phones

Do you have a Nokia phone with the Symbian^3 OS? Then perhaps it is nice to hear that Nokia Belle update have been released on February 8 to phones with Symbian^3. Nokia Belle is a new major update of Symbian OS since Symbian Anna release. Belle installs on wide variety of Nokia devices and among the phones supported are Nokia N8, Nokia C7, Nokia E7, Nokia X7, Nokia C6-01, E6 and Nokia Oro. We got a lot of improvements when the first major update in a long time, Anna, was released for Symbian last year. Symbian has long been considered an obsolete OS that can not beat competitors like Android, iOS and Windows Phone 7. But with last Anna and Belle updates Nokia provided much more modern experience to its customers.

To apply Belle update to your phone only that you need is a computer, the Nokia Suite 3.3 installed, USB cable and some free time.  After your phone got update you will get access to three additional Home screens, new widgets on the home screen and the modern status bar which can be pulled down just like in Android and Apple iOS devices. Release notes also mention better NFC support, more informative lock screen and improved multitasking.

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kingaag said...

does it work for Nokia E5?