15 December 2010

Nokia Loop in Ovi Store - mix music on the phone

Nokia music mix DJ

Nokia is running a promo campaign "It's not technology it' s what you do with it", developed by Wieden + Kennedy, addressed to Nokia N8 and Nokia C7 phones. As part of this campaing Nokia has published in Ovi Store the "Loop" application. This software allows Nokia users to mix different musical tracks. With this app users are able to record, edit and loop up to four tracks. Also users may upload their mixes and share it with friends.

Nokia's global marketing director Kari Tuutti said: "We are super excited to bring the Nokia Loop App into Ovi Store. We cannot wait to see the innovative ways that music lovers will use this fun app and share their loops with friends and social networks."

Nokia uploaded to YouTube a clip about extreme poodle styling, "Poodle Loop", which been produced to demonstrate the app capabilities. You may watch it too here.


ramarabobby said...

this app is a definite helper to wanna be music composers and also music enthusiasts. Thanks for sharing this recent update.

Anonymous said...

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