30 May 2008

Nokia S60 Symbian Windows Live client available in Europe

msn microsoft im live messenger symbian s60Mail and IM application for Nokia S60 E50, E51, E61, E62 devices provide access to Microsoft's services as Hotmail, MSN IM, Windows Live Spaces and Live Search. Now you can download it for free in all Europe and US carriers. Just go to "Download!" tool in your device and get this great free symbian application.

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Where I have to mail to get all the application which is in S60 E50, E51, E61, E62 devices. Like - windows live, live search, MSN. Is it only for Europe and US?
very good
I wonder if they have the Japanese version of it. Other than that the Nokia S60 is great.
thank you daer
from where i can download this software for my nokia e71
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